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Ultimate Recovery is here to help you maintain a healthy body. The practice embraces different fascial treatment modalities that include Gua Sha, Fascia Blasting, Myofascial release, cupping and corrective alignment work. Owner, Vanessa Azra, is a certified ACE Cupping Massage Practitioner and has been treating fascia for four years. “It is my passion to help the body perform to the best of its ability. Nowadays, people want a quick fix from medication/surgery but there are so many negative side effects that they do not take into consideration. Most people don’t know that there are other options available to them to fix their issues. My line of fascial work is able to prevent issues before they happen, or rehabilitate the person back to their original state or to a better state.”

Do you have chronic injuries that keep you from doing your favorite activities? Can’t seem to lose that stubborn body fat? Do you have poor posture, range of motion or impingements in your movement? Want to get rid of your cellulite? Have you been diagnosed with “tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel” or some other fascia related injury? If so, let Ultimate Recovery treat you back to optimal health.


About Practitioner Vanessa Azra:

I believe that the best way to a healthy body is through healthy fascia. By keeping your connective tissue hydrated and sticky, you ensure proper blood flow and nutrients through your whole body. My job is to work on fascia to restore it to its sticky state. Using different tools, we are able to restore blood flow to areas where fascia is in a hardened state, allowing for proper blood flow, fat loss, and growth of the surrounding muscle and skin.


Special Introductory Rate: $150
2-1 hour sessions with evaluation


1 hour session: $100

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Appointments available Monday–Friday | 8 am–4 pm


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