Teddie Points

We want to reward you for your loyalty.

Each time you visit the salon, we will give you Teddies Points. Over time they will add up, and you can redeem them for free products and services... whichever ones you want, whenever you are ready. It's our way of saying thank you to our clients. You deserve it.

Redeem your Teddies Points - Use your points.
Once you earn 1500 Points you can start to redeem them.


Teddie Points FAQs

What are Teddies Points?
Teddie Kossof Salon offers Teddies Points as a part of our Loyalty Rewards Program. This is a free program and is presented as a courtesy to all our clients. There is no obligation on your part.


What are the points good for?
Teddies Points can be redeemed for free products and services at Teddie Kossof Salon. A Teddies Gift Card or a credit to your account at the Salon. Either of these is good for any product or service offered at Teddie Kossof Salon.


How do I get started?
Just book an appointment. All Teddies clients are automatically included in the program, and are already earning points. If you are a client, you are already started.


How many points will I earn?
You earn points every time you visit Teddie's, based on how much you spend.

$1 spent = 1 point
$35 haircut = 35 points


How do I redeem Teddie Points?
Redeem your Teddies Points It's up to you when you redeem them. You can do it as soon as you have 1500 points, or you can wait and accumulated more for a bigger Gift Card or credit. When you are ready, call 847-446-9526 or redeem them online.

Redeem Teddie Points Online


How do I earn extra points?
We offer the following ways to earn extra points:

Download your Extra Points Starter Kit


Please Note: Your Teddies Points are awarded once you visit the Salon for your appointment. No listing appears if you have 0 points. Points cannot be shared or distributed. Each client accumulates points separately. Points do not expire. You may use them at your convenience.