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Debbie Ansay-Martinez and Chanel Kwak present Hairlab Chicago. They've served the North Shore for over 20 years as colorist and stylist. Debbie and Chanel are educators and masters at their craft. They share their passion for the beauty industry and continued education, and are devoted to providing their guests with exceptional service. A few years ago, Debbie lost her hair to alopecia and Chanel lost her hair due to medical issues. They also began to see the changes in their clients and found hair loss to be an issue in every age category. In search for answers and solutions to their problems, they found their calling! Hairlab Chicago is a place for all hair loss solutions—from the beginning stages of hair loss, in need of prevention or suffering from total hair loss. We can accomodate guests with medical illness, alopecia, trichotillomania, hereditary baldness, or thinning hair—we’re here to offer comfort in finding the right solutions. With over 45 years of combined experience we believe we'll offer our guests the most natural solutions. 

Hairlab Chicago is an exclusive clinic of Cesere Ragazzi, offering the best in class solutions for hair replacement and healthy scalp solutions. We also have our own brand of hair extensions, Lux Natural hair, the best quality of hair in the world, which can solve thinning hair or add luxurious length.

We’re bringing the most innovated technology in hair replacement from Bologna Italy. We offer CNC a non-surgical hair and scalp prosthesis. Classified as a medical device by the Italian Ministry of Health (Ministero della Salute), this unique CNC hair prosthesis by Cesare Ragazzi is handmade in Italy with the highest quality unprocessed European hair, hand stitched strand by strand, an ultra-thin medical-grade FDA-cleared synthetic base. The prosthesis is completely custom designed utilizing 3D Printed Cam Scan technology and is made to look like the clients own natural hair and scalp. The exact mold is made of the shape, size and contour of the scalp in the affected area. Once made, it’s applied using a medical-grade FDA-cleared adhesive. The hair is custom cut, colored and styled for a seamlessly undetectable and beautiful result. With the CNC prosthesis, our clients can shower, swim, exercise daily and live life just as they would with their own natural hair.

Hairlab Chicago offers a science-based trichology scalp program designed to optimize the health of your scalp and improve the beauty of your hair. Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp—by focusing on the health of the scalp and taking care of the hair follicles that live within it, a properly trained hair loss specialist can detect and treat problems before they become noticeable. Trichology treatments can immediately address problems as well as optimize the overall health, growth and beauty of your hair. Common problems that can be addressed with custom treatments include dryness, itchiness, flakiness, oiliness and/or the feeling of having a sensitive scalp. A tricotest is done to evaluate your sebum, hydration, PH, and hair loss. We design a customized program for your scalp, and to bring your hair new life.

We also bring you the very best hair extension services—adding volume or length to achieve the hair of your dreams.  Lux Natural hair offers the best quality Slavic hair to give you the most natural results.

At Hairlab Chicago we only want the best solutions for our guests. We understand the devastation hair loss can cause. We know you deserve the best — leave your hair loss to us — you can regain your confidence!