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Don't suffer in silence with hair loss. 

A clean, healthy scalp is the first step towards promoting natural hair regrowth. Regular shampooing does not properly cleanse the scalp — our scalp cleansing treatments pick up where shampooing leave off. We start with a complimentary scalp analysis, performed by Alan Kossof (Certified Scalp Analysist), to determine the condition of your scalp (see photo below). From there we'll recommend a course of treatment, generally starting with a cleansing treatment, to help halt premature thinning and to rebound from hair loss.

Alan performing Scalp Analysis


Services Offered:

Consultation and Scalp Analysis $25

Using our high-powered microscope (capiliscope), we take a closer look at the surface of the scalp and hair follicles, determine the current conditions and offer treatment options if needed.

Scalp Cleansing Treatment $35

The scalp and hair is analyzed with our capiliscope, before images are taken. Then your scalp is treated with our 4 step process to prepare, cleanse, massage and treat the scalp. Your scalp is then re-analyzed and after images are taken for your review.

Laser Therapy Treatment $45

This proven FDA approved process utilizes cold laser technology to stimulate the follicles and increase the chances of healthy hair growth. Sessions are only 20 min in duration.

3 Month Packages

Weekly Scalp Treatment Package Weekly Scalp and Laser Treatment Package
2x/week $25 2x/week $50
1x/week $30 1x/week $60

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The photos below show the results of a scalp cleansing treatment — look at the condition of the scalp in each photo, from a dull condition before, to a shiny, moisturized glow afterward.

Before After
Example 2 Before Example 2 After
Example 2 Before Example 2 After

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