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Spring 2013 Makeup Trends

Spring has Sprung.....into Color Although the Midwest in March seldom feels like spring, you know its coming, you can hear the far off sounds of birds chirping, see green grass through the leftover snow, but the best way to know spring is here is by seeing COLOR, not in flowers but in MAKE UP!

Kossof Salon Chosen to Feature Goldwell's Newest Color Line

Teddie Kossof Salon Spa is proud have to have been chosen by Goldwell USA to be one of the select salons nationwide to introduce Nectaya, which means Nectar; its Goldwell's Ammonia-free hair color that is derived from 91% natural ingredients..."We continue to search for the best products that deliver exceptional results, our independent tests have confirmed what Goldwell promised, the next generation in hair color". - Alan Kosso


It all started with the Original Moroccanoil Treatment...That amazing hair product has now developed into a body care line, We are proud to intoduce MOROCCANOIL BODY. 

Moroccanoil is famous for great…

CLARINS Mani Pedi @ Teddie Kossof

Treat your skin to CLARINS when you recieve a Mani Pedi @ Teddie Kossof

10 Summer Skin Anti-Aging Tips

Summer is definitely here...and you should be concerned about protecting your skin everyday, not just on beach & pool days.  

The SPA @ Teddie…

Pureology taken over by ColorProof

Color Care has Evolved...Meet Colorproof!

Keratin Blonde Highlights Redefines Blondes

THE COLOR DEPT. @ TEDDIE KOSSOF has just released its newest service, Keratin Blonde. 

Q & A with Alan Kossof, Co-Owner & Salon Director - Teddie…

4 Emerging Hairstyles

Look at any old picture, and one of the first things that jumps out at you is how much styles have changed. Here is a quick look at four emerging style trends.

Explore the World of Moroccanoil @ Teddie Kossof

Teddie Kossof has launched an easy to use online catalog so that you can browse the array of hair care products available from Moroccanoil. Simply click on the product images to quickly learn about each particular item. Want to learn more? We have added a YouTube video for each product as well...So sit back, relax & learn about the amazing line of hair care products from Moroccanoil.

Kossof's Makeup Artists Get Stars Ready for the Chicago Film Critic Awards


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