Teddie Kossof Blog

Keratin Complex Gives Teddie Kossof the Spotlight

Keratin Complex featured Teddie Kossof as their first "Salon Spotlight" for their salon connexions website.

Hair Color Trends for 2014

Teddie Kossof shares what is trending in the world of hair color for 2014

Winter Skincare Tips

The winter season can be harsh on your skin, leaving it dehydrated, itch & flaky. Learn some quick easy tips to restore your skin's moisture.

NS Magazine Ad January 2014

See our Ad Featured in the Jan 2014 Arts & Culture issue of NS Magazine

Breast Cancer: Support The Cure

There are many ways that local businesses can support causes that go beyond their own communities. Teddie has made breast cancer research a priority.

Teddies Trimmers

There is extra value to be had at Teddie Kossof Salon; in these challenging economic times, you should know about it…

Keratin Complex Partners with Teddie Kossof Salon and Hosts BehindTheChair.Com

Keratin Complex recently partnered with Teddie Kossof and hosted members of the BehindTheChair.Com team to experience a day of Keratin Complex.

Nail it: Trends for your digits

What’s new with your Manicure?…well the trend is if you’re not doing something…then you’re not having fun with the current nail trends for 2013.
“Everything is game, but the trend is to put a spin on the traditional approach to your manicure & pedicure” says Alan Kossof, Co-Owner of the Teddie Kossof Salon in Northfield, IL.  “Have fun with color & dare to be different” says Kossof…

Summer Hair Care Tips for Better Hair

Protect your Locks – Summer time means beach & pool days...while you might be having fun in the sun, your hair isn’t! Unprotected hair exposed to the elements - chemicals in pool water create havoc on your locks.

Tips for Protecting your Skin this Summer

The Everyday Sunscreen Spray: Avene Sunscreen Spray SPF 20

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