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Above:  CENTURIES IN THE MAKING - A quaint town within Haut-Languedoc national park, Avène is rich in cultural and natural heritage,

protected by the park’s focus on sustainability.


Below:  AVENE’S NATURAL WONDERS - At the heart of the Orb Valley, Avène enjoys pristine biodiversity and therapeutic thermal springs at the foot of the Cévennes Mountains.

The Teddie Kossof Spa proudly carries the Avene skin care line.  Our estheticians are highly trained by Avene skincare specialists on an ongoing basis.  We offer professional spa treatments utilizing the benefits of Avene as well as the complete line of home care products to maintain your skin concerns. To book a complimentary skin care consultation with a Teddie Kossof esthetician, please call the spa at 847-999-9500 or Book Online.

To learn more about Avene, visit:  www.aveneusa.com