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Client Reviews

  • I would like to thank everyone who helped me when I came in -- John and Inga for their understanding and my great hair color, Anna for a terrific hair cut and blow dry, and the young lady at the front desk for her help on the phone and when I arrived. I must not forget the shampoo lady on the main floor who was so helpful. As usual, all of you with whom I come in contact are terrific. Once again, thank you all and I'll see you again in a month or so

    – Mary P. A Client since 2013 wrote us on 06/28/17

  • John is always nice and always gets my color right. Margo who rinsed my hair and applied the conditioning process into my hair was lovely! Dianna is always a breath of fresh air! She knows my hair very well and always gives me s great haircut! She is always so upbeat and makes me happy!

    – Susan N., A client since 2006 wrote us on 06/17/17

  • Maria, is exceptionally good beautician. The color she did is wonderful my compliments said.a And grace did the hair cut, also very impressive. I'm really happy with my new style.

    – Rosa C., A client since 2005 wrote us on 06/12/17

  • It was another day of excellent service at Teddie Kossof! From the reception through the talent of Cary Warner, I left looking top notch! I'll be back!

    – Marlene I., A client since 2002 wrote on 06/02/17